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BOOCH Organc Kombucha



Boylan Soda is best known for its full line of Hand Crafted Sodas, ranging from the Core Four, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Ginger Ale, and Dark Cherry, to other popular flavours including Grape, Orange and Cane Cola.


Dry is for everyone! Created specifically to be a less sweet soda. Dry has just 4 all natural ingredients, and is sweetened with a minimal amount of pure cane sugar

PURITY Organic

When nature meets nurture, something delicious happens. Every juice is crafted with care from seed to bottle

CABANA Lemonades

Refreshing, low calorie, all natural, ready to drink lemonades and limeades in 6 amazing flavors, containing no artificial sweeteners or coloring

JOIA Natural Soda

Joia All Natural Sodas, voted best new Soft Drink by BevNet,  JOIA is a tantalizing combination of fruits, herbs and spices that creates layers of intensely fresh flavour for  wonderfully refreshing beverages.


Refreshing and thirst quenching with up to 70% less sugar than other bottled teas. Its a pertfect blend of flavors, sweetness and calories, made with Canadians in mind!

All natural, No GMO's, and sweetened with pure cane sugar

KARMA Wellness Water

Some vitamins deteriorate in water, meaning that vitamin drinks that are pre mixed can lose there strength over time.

Karma's vitamins and nutrients stay in the "KarmaCap" until youre ready to release them

GOOD DRINK Spritzers

clean, crisp and delicious organic refreshment. Made from the goodness of pure sparkling water, delicious organic fruit and a touch of organic cane sugar


A beautiful blend of organic tea, and super fruit juice. With carefully selected panax ginseng in its purest form and acai. Its the perfect form of "pick me up" morning noon and afternoon 

PULP and PRESS (local)

At Pulp & Press, we adhere to the highest standards in the production of our juice. We use a hydraulic cold press, the highest quality juice press that exists, to extract the optimal amount of nutrients and enzymes from 100% organic fruits and vegetables.


Handcrafted soda made with Fair Trade Certified organic evaporated cane juice. Our recipe combines these ingredients with FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED ORGANIC SUGAR to allow the flavor of each of these extracts to come through


Since 1936, Orangina brings you a unique flavor of the Mediterranean through its authentic taste of oranges with real fruit pulp and its natural orange zest.


Born in the heart of Brooklyn, AriZona® Beverages came onto the scene with a fresh take on iced tea, which has now taken the world by storm. Since 1992, we’ve made it our mission to bring our customers great-tasting products, using top-quality ingredients, presented in uniquely designed packaging


AQUAhydrate is performance in the purest form with elevated alkalinity and 2x the electrolytes of the leading electrolyte-enhanced water.


Icelandic Glacial™ is the super-premium natural spring water from the “Land Of Fire and Ice”.Home to glaciers, spouting geysers, volcanoes and raging rivers, Iceland is one of the world’s cleanest ecosystems. It’s also home to the legendary Ölfus Spring, the source of Icelandic Glacial. 


Our filtration system is 8,000 years old and still works like new.

The ESKA story began in a pristine forest in a remote corner of Quebec. The St. Mathieu esker, tucked away amongst 5,000 acres of protected virgin forest where nature creates the perfect underground filtration system.


S.Pellegrino has made its presence known, thanks to its lively and long-lived bubbles, which feel creamy on the palate, and a slightly salty taste, well-balanced with acidity for an overall refreshing, and thirst-quenching feel.